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“Cell phone case, iPhone case, glasses case… Metal frame”

Today update my new items in my shop. I almost working on metal frame purse, and little pretty decoration. The newest one is the cell phone case metal frame. It can be used as a glasses case or putting your money in!

I did make small kitty cat dolls which are the same dolls are sold in the store to be decorated on the a variety of purse. I decided to use the head only. The body embroidered as the picture shows. It is also made to order. I will more update photos colors of  little cats. 

~ Check it out DooDesign shop on Etsy… www.doodesign.etsy.com

~ More kitty items on DaWanda… http://doodesign.dawanda.com


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Just another “MEOW” 

Friend told me that “Make sure you give them all a drink of milk” ^_^

Yes, gotta love them. ..♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

I would have to start designing a new friend of my cat. There maybe many people fall in love with it more and more with a new remix (In fact, I would love it anyway).

~D ♥ O♥ O ♥ D ♥ E ♥ S ♥ I ♥ G ♥ N~

~D ♥ O♥ O ♥ D ♥ E ♥ S ♥ I ♥ G ♥ N~

~D ♥ O♥ O ♥ D ♥ E ♥ S ♥ I ♥ G ♥ N~

~D ♥ O♥ O ♥ D ♥ E ♥ S ♥ I ♥ G ♥ N~

~D ♥ O♥ O ♥ D ♥ E ♥ S ♥ I ♥ G ♥ N~ http:// http://www.doodesign.etsy.com

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