♡♡ HELLO 2015 ♡♡

I just had very little time to update ^_^

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“Spring collection”

Sharing my card case, credit card holder from Thai woven cotton. My little crochet flowers are instead of the bright and colorful season.  It is an idea gift, special gift for your loved ones. DSCF9845-1-2DSCF9850-1DSCF9874-1DSCF9881-1DSCF9886-2DSCF9893-1DSCF9889-2

♡♡ February Love ♡♡

“February” Month of love with my heart purse “How to make” Please have a look, so that it will be a guide for making your own lovely purse. 
Like and share if you feel love… ♡♡
IMG_3968IMG_3971IMG_3974 IMG_3977IMG_3979IMG_3980IMG_3981IMG_3982IMG_3983IMG_3984IMG_3985IMG_3987IMG_3988IMG_3989IMG_3990IMG_3996-1

Start with the new year item little girl hand painted by me. Linen coin purse from the beginning, how to make. Hope this will be a guide for making some good gift with love. It is easy to make and would be a special gift for every special day.Like and share if you feel love… ^_^

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“Cell phone case, iPhone case, glasses case… Metal frame”

Today update my new items in my shop. I almost working on metal frame purse, and little pretty decoration. The newest one is the cell phone case metal frame. It can be used as a glasses case or putting your money in!

I did make small kitty cat dolls which are the same dolls are sold in the store to be decorated on the a variety of purse. I decided to use the head only. The body embroidered as the picture shows. It is also made to order. I will more update photos colors of  little cats. 

~ Check it out DooDesign shop on Etsy… www.doodesign.etsy.com

~ More kitty items on DaWanda… http://doodesign.dawanda.com

♥ My work in July ♥

♥♥ MY IDEA ♥♥

Busy month.

DooDesign on Etsy : http://www.doodesign.etsy.com

More kitty items from DooDesign Dawanda http://en.dawanda.com/shop/Doodesign

❀◕‿◕❀  Enjoy ^_^

“Coin purse metal frame”

   Just finished!! It took a bit long time to complete the newest embroidered coin purse today. I use cotton fabric natural color with spring flower embroidery.  I do love the metal frame coin purse design. But I will look for more different design the next item.  Just need to find some more time to create after work. MMmmmm… I will be very busy this weekend^_^…..

  I planned make this cat frame bag as a cell phone case. But it can be used in many. Can be either on the phone, glasses or a bag or purse.

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